Pen and Prejudice is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, what a long strange trip this has been. I've catalogued my stumbles in trying to get this book off of my harddrive over on my blog, but, cripes, this has been a struggle. I tried to shop this for two years, desperate to find a home for it, but no sale. So then I thought that I'd self-publish it. Fortunately the "stigma" of self-publishing has abated somewhat, so while I paced the floor waiting to hear from agents, the self-publishing industry took off. I would have rather had this published the traditional way, because putting a book out takes a horrific amount of time, which is what I'm sadly short on. But hey, it's here. I think it's all kinds of fun to read, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing. it.


Beat Until Stiff (available in trade paperback and ebook formats)

Roux Morgue (available in hard cover, trade paperback, and ebook formats)

Pen and Prejudice (available in both trade paperback and Kindle formats)

Poisoned Pen Press

Mystery Writers of America

Sisters in Crime Northern California Chapter

Independent American Booksellers Association