Debris and Detritus

Debris & Detritus are the the lesser-known Greek gods, and this new anthology contains over a dozen alternate realities and histories, invaded existing universes, and even inspired a book or two—with Debris and Detritus running amok through every world they touch. With nothing else to go on, writers from various genres created deities that might or might not actually be Greek, might or might not be of any particular gender, might or might not be of this Earth—but they always wreak havoc in ways that range from darkly horrific to brightly comedic.

Pen and Prejudice

Ms. Johnson's third novel, Pen and Prejudice, is a bit of a departure. Not a classic mystery, it's a pastiche of the brilliant classic Pride and Prejudice, but instead of our saucy heroine and arrogant suitor waging a verbal war in the drawing rooms and ballrooms of the nineteeth century, this novel transplants them to the present day and has them verbally sparring at various mystery conferences on the circuit.

Roux Morgue

In Roux Morgue, San Francisco pastry chef Mary Ryan is back at her old alma mater. Initially ecstatic to be teaching, Mary finds herself in the middle of a turf war, trying to please her original mentors and her contemporaries, and alienating everyone in the process. When faculty and staff begin dying, it's obvious that this is much bigger than traditional French versus fusion cuisine. Will Mary uncover the truth before another chef bakes his or her last pie?

Beat Until Stiff

Beat Until Stiff is the debut of Mary Ryan, a pastry chef at the hottest restaurant in San Francisco, American Fare. At work very early one morning, she steps on a laundry bag stuffed with the dead body of one of her employees. The investigation soon exposes all the dirty secrets that the food business would like to keep secret: the philandering chefs, the silly whims of the dining public, the hiring of illegal aliens, and the subsistence-living pay scale. Events begin to spiral that, in time, take our the restaurant's celebrity chef and force Mary to use her unique skills to uncover a poisonous scheme...


Debris and Detritus (available in trade paperback and ebook formats).

Pen and Prejudice (available in trade paperback and ebook formats).

Roux Morgue (available in hard cover, trade paperback, audio, and ebook formats)

Beat Until Stiff (available in trade paperback, audio, and ebook formats)

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