The Psycho Ex Game by Merrill Markoe

I adored this book. Being something of a journaling whore, I found the gradual and eventually heart-wrenching confessional tone to these email exchanges just amazing and so true. There is something about the email/journaling medium (I look back on what I've said to strangers without a thought and it's pretty scary) that has you saying things you never would face to face. This confessional aspect to it, as the story progresses and the stakes get higher (as evidenced by the points!), was exceptionally well done. I have read the other reviews on this book and I'm scratching my head. You couldn't connect with these people. What? You've never been in a relationship where you knew you were selling your soul and yet you kept making the down payments? I also thought it clever that the story didn't jive perfectly. Grant's recollections don't dove-tail completely with Lisa's recollections, much as would happen in real life. Also, what I loved about this was that I originally didn't like Grant much (because, hello, something of a skank), but then by the end of the book, I adored him. Truly adored him. I'm not in the L.A. music scene, but in the book scene, and how something that seems like a goldmine all of a sudden becoming a clusterf**k is all too real. As much as I loved this book, I only gave it four stars because the ending sort of petered out. I think that Ms. Markoe tried to be too clever by the end. We'd had pages and pages of her marvelous clever (she's brilliant), we didn't need more clever. I don't know what we needed, but we didn't need that. So if the ending had been stronger, I would have given it five stars, full stop. Also, something that the other reviewers don't mention but I think it key to its success, is how L.A. the book is. This story could only happen in Los Angeles.



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